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The Newscaster Slig is one of the top TV news anchors working for the Magog On the March News television program, which was produced by the Magog Cartel. The show has some of the highest ratings in Oddworld, with a typically cheesy opening theme-tune, and Newscaster Slig is famously renown for his very croaky voice. His favourite gimmicks are to play around with his microphone (use it like a guitar, pretend it's a golf club, a back-scratcher, etc.) while the show begins, as well as open with a catchy tagline, such as "The Magog on the March. News you can't abuse," and the like. Also, he often advertises various food products, with his appropriately catchy quips so better to advertise them; examples being for SoulStorm Brew and Scrab Cakes enthusiastically saying "Our spew is your brew!" and "Brought to you by Scrab Cakes! Mmmm-mmm! They'll cost ya an arm and a leg,"

Newscaster Slig informs the Magog Cartel of current events, as every good news anchor should. By the end of the game, though, he gets a little fed up with the news being so sugar-coated when he can tell that everything is clearly not fine for his panic-merchant audiences, and that Abe is causing much more damage than the media wants people to hear, and ultimately quits his job by declaring, "uh-huh (!)...I'm outta here," with a defiant, yet characteristically humorous, toss of his microphone.

The Newscaster making one of his daily news bulletins on M.O.M. News.

However, he then appears once more in the 'Good Ending' sequence, giving the news that SoulStorm Brewery has been shut down and destroyed.