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New Yolk City is the last town in Stranger's Wrath. This town is the biggest out of all the towns that were founded by the clakkerz following the construction of Sekto Springs Dam. The town contains has a port that links it to the Mongo river. The city also links to the Mongo Wilds and Grubb Graveyard.

Local Outlaws[]

The citizens of New Yolk City have placed some large bounties on the heads on four major outlaws that roam around the Mongo River Valley. Flint 'Explosives' McGee takes residence in the mines found on the edge of town, Lefty Lugnutz illegally poaches the local slegs within the mongo wilds, while hiding near the ancient Grubb graveyard, Elbose Freely hangs out past the Mongo Wilds with his trigger happy, explosives obsessed gang and Fatty McBoomBoom bribes and extorts money in and out of the town.

Notable Residents[]

New Yolk City is home to Skycart Joe, and rich dandy who runs the skycart in the port. He is also corrupt, profiting from Fatty McBoomBoom's heavy taxation in exchange for Joe letting no one into McBoomBoom's lair.

Cornjaws is another famous Clakker. He used to be the finest sleg hunter in western Mudos, and a proficient bounty hunter. For a whie he teamed up with Lefty Lugnutz to progress his career, but when Lugnutz started poaching them, Cornjaws abandoned him. His career took a massive hit when a giant sleg cut him down in his prime. He now stays around the general store of New Yolk City, begging for food.

New Yolk City is also home to the Black Marketeer. This salesman beats the general store on price for every item, with the caveat being that he will sell to anyone with a wallet, even Outlaws. He only sells to those with the password, but he has specifically good relations with Explosives McGee, who is a frequent customer.


  • New Yolk City is an obvious reference to the real world city of New York.