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Necrum Mines is the first level in Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus.


Abe and his fellow Mudokons make their way to Necrum Mines after a disturbance due to the Glukkons digging up their bones. However, they get separated and Abe must find a way to rescue his friends.


Tunnel 1[]

After dropping down to the platform, you can follow the way to the left or enter the secret area which is behind the debris

Secret Area 1:

Drop down and go through the door. After you exit the other door, escape from the flying Slig and drop to the lower platform. Hide behind the metal pillar as there is another slig patrolling the lower platform. Get all the Mudokons to follow you to the other side and put them to work before the electricity circuit. Hide as the Slig comes back. After the Slig leaves, get the Mudokons to follow you one by one, while you pull the lever to deactivate the electric field and open the hatch. After dropping all of the Mudokons down, jump into the well and tell all of the Mudokons to work under the three wheels. After the door is opened, chant to rescue them. Go through the previously locked door and after a while you will find some trapped Mudokons. Chant to open the bird portal and they will all escape. Go back the way you came and jump into the well. Be careful as it will drop you on the platform above where the Slig is. After avoiding him, climb back up and into the door.

Go towards the right side and jump down. Follow the way until you find a small tutorial area. By accessing the pad, the locked door will open. After exiting that small area, get the Mudokon who is on your left to follow you and rescue him through the bird portal which will also open the door. Continue by turning the wheel to open the locked door. The Mudokon on your right will get angry as water will fall upon him. Calm him by saying "Sorry" and rescue him through the portal ahead. Make your way to the next area. Pull the wheel and get the Mudokons out of the laughing gas. After getting to a clear area, slap them to get them back to their normal state and put them to work under the next 2 wheels. Get them and rescue them through the portal. Take the lift up and make your way to the right. A sleeping Slig is on the platform above you. Sneak past him and go to the end of the platform. Pull the lever and go through the door. Get the Mudokons out of the laughing gas and slap them when you reach a clear area. Get them to sneak past the slig and put them to work under the 2 wheels. You must work the 3rd one to open the doors. Go through the door and pull the handle. Get them all to follow you and rescue them through the portal. Drop down to the lowest platform and make your way to the left. Sneak past the Slig by entering the dark areas. After passing through the laughing gas another Slig will appear. Avoid him by entering once again the dark areas and be on your way. When you approach the 2 mines, deactivate them carefully. Make your way up and enter the well. Go through the left and possess the Slig. Use the teleporters to get him on the platforms behind. Use the Slig to kill the other ones in order to clear that platform. Climb up to get to the opposite platform and use the teleporters yourself to get to the platform behind. Save all the Mudokons that work on that platform, then get back the way you came. Go back down to save the other Mudokons you left behind. After saving them, go back up and enter the well that is on the very top.

Sneak past the sleeping Slig and drop down. Once again sneak and go through. Climb up and get all of the Mudokons to follow you. Get them down and make them sneak past the Slig. After reaching the end, put them to work under the wheels with you at the last one.

Tunnel 2[]

After you exit the well, jump to the opposite platform then follow the way to the bottom. There is a secret area where the bottles are.

Secret Area 2:

After rolling into the secret area, go down and into the well. After you get out, get all the Mudokons into the portal. Exit through the well.

Get back up and quickly run to your right to escape the Slig. After rolling into the well in the next area go through the door to continue. Going to the far end of the platform and jumping down towards the other platform, allows you to enter a well which gets you to the next secret area.

Secret Area 3:

After landing go through the door and get the attention of one of the Sligs. Go through the door again and possess one of the two Sligs. Kill the other one then go back and enter the other door. Possess the Slig and drop him onto the mine. Go through the bottom door. Get all Mudokons into the portal then jump into the well.

Possess the flying Slig and get him to the top. Kill the 2 Sligs and go through the drill zone. Avoid the 2 drills and go through the opening. Kill the other Slig and then kill the flying Slig. Get Abe into the well on the far left. Going down allows you to enter another secret area.

Secret Area 4:

Open the bird portal to save all of the Mudokons.

Going through the gap will get you to where the drunk Mudokons are. Talking to them is useless, so climb up and use the well that says "Boiler Access".


Start by making your way down by using the lifts. Some Slogs will be woken up and will chase you down. After reaching the bottom platform get them to chase you by dropping them down to your platform. As they come towards you, pull the lever to activate the electric field and kill them. After killing them, use the wheel to open and go through the door.

Tunnel 3[]

Get the rocks and go through the small tutorial area. Blow up all the bombs and pull the 2 leavers. Go through the gap and blow up the rest of the bombs. Jump across and hang to the platform and jump down in order to get to a secret area.

Secret Area 5:

After entering the area, use the well and blow up the bomb on your left. Use the lever to guide the blind Mudokons to the other side. After getting them to your position, drop them down to the lower platforms. Get them to go to the area after the bird portal and make them work the wheels with you working the fourth one. Rescue them through the portal and take the lift up. Rescue the next blind Mudokons and then get back out.

Climb to the platform above and go through the door. Go down blow up the bombs that follow. Carefully blow up the next ones and deactivate the drill. Drop down and once again blow up all bombs. Go down and pull the lever. Climb on the platform above the blow up the next bombs. Go through the door when finished.

Tunnel 4[]

Get the blind Mudokon down the platform and into the bird portal to open the door. After getting to the next area, stop all of the drills by pulling the levers. At the end of the platform, pull the lever to rescue the blind Mudokon. Get him to follow you and save him through the portal. Go through the door to continue.

Tunnel 5[]

Blow up the bomb and avoid the drills. Climb up and deactivate them. Go back down to blow up the bombs on the other side. Save the blind Mudokon to bring the lift up and go up the platform. Get the blind Mudokon to work the wheel on the side, which will open some rocks for you. Get the blind Mudokon onto the lift and get him down, where a portal is. Go through the door. As soon as you exit the door, you can jump across to hang onto a ledge for a secret area.

Secret Area 6:

Jump across carefully and save the blind Mudokons.

Jump across and go to the next area in which you can find another secret area.

Secret Area 7:

Deactivate the drills. The blind Mudokon will be saved on another secret area later on.

Go through and avoid the drills. Go to the far left and save the 2 blind Mudokons before pulling the lever. Get the lift down and wait for the Slig to leave the area. Get the blind Mudokon to the lift and get it up to the small platform with the handle. Pull it when the Slig is under the drills. Go to the right and climb the platform up. Use the well and pull the lever at the platforms end. Go back up and deactivate the 3 drills. You can climb up from that platform to save more Mudokons. Pull the handle and get the 2 Mudokons to follow you. The Mudokon from the previous secret area is also there. Get them down and get all of the blind Mudokons through the portal. Take the lift down again and go to the far right. A door is at its end.

After exiting, sneak past the lasers and don't wake up the Sligs. Deactivate some UBX mines to clear the way and go towards the left side. After passing through the Sligs and the mines, get into the Mine Car and make your way up. After reaching the track with Mudokons, detach when the slig is below you. Save the Mudokons through the portal. Get into the Mine Car and go down. Get out and carefully make your way to the next area. Avoid the laser and deactivate the mine. Be careful as a Slig patrols that platform. Get the Mudokon to a safe area. Be aware that the Mine Car will kill Mudokons as well, so a safe area is recommended behind the Mine Car. Go through will the Mine Car and kill the Sligs. Get out and with exactly the same way as before, save the next Mudokons. Get into the Mine Car and kill the Sligs and destroy the mines. Get the Mudokons to the portal and save them.

Tunnel 6[]

Get the Mine Car up and exit it to enter another secret area.

Secret Area 8:

Climb up the platform and drop down. Enter the door and get the Mudokons through the portal.

Sneak into the next area and deactivate the bomb while the Slig is not watching. After deactivating it, get his attention and when he runs to you, get into the Mine Car and kill him. Save the Mudokons through the portal. Get into the door to proceed.

Tunnel 7[]

Sneak up to the lever and pull it. Climb up and possess the Slig. Kill on the platform below. Use the well afterwards. After landing, run as one Slig will wake up. Pull the lever and quickly go through the next area. Drop down and run to the right. At the end you will be able to possess the Slig. Get him to pull the lever and kill every other Slig there is. Get into the Mine Car and make your way up. Save the Mudokons that are in your way and then exit through the door.

Boiler Revisit[]

Climb up and go to the left platform. Careful of the flying Slig. Make your way up, to the very top. When the Slig approaches, hide into the dark areas near the boilers. After you reach the top, deactivate the electric fields by pulling the lever. Go to each platform that has a wheel and use it to start up an explosion. After using all of the wheels, you will have 0:14 seconds to get out. Go back down and run towards the "Emergency Exit". Roll and into the gap to finish this area.