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Name: Necrum Burial Grounds
Type: Mining Facility
Years Active: From 10 to 23 years
Occupants: Over 100 Sligs and Slogs , 76 Mudokons
Owner: SoulStorm Minning Co.
Head Official: Magog Cartel
Status: Destroyed/Shut Down

Necrum Burial Grounds (informally known as Necrum Mines) is constructed deep within the ancient Mudokon city of the dead, Necrum. The Magog Cartel established these Mines to harvest one of the secret ingredients of their highly addicting SoulStorm Brew: Mudokon bones. To make sure that nobody knew what they were up to, the Glukkons used blind Mudokons to work within the caverns. Abe and a group of his friends managed to sneak into the burial grounds, liberate the workers there, and (ultimately) set off the boiler countdown sequence, leading to its destruction.


The Necrum Mines exterior consists of a mountainous castle-like structure. Towering statues of Mudokon warriors stand at the edge of the building, obviously not having been touched by the Glukkons in their effort to open the mines. Two FeeCo Depot railway lines, constructed by the Magog Cartel to transfer resources in and out of the mines, run into the base of the structure. The entire complex is surrounded by a vast desert.


Necrum Mines - Interior

The interior of the mining site is built up of numerous caverns, tunnels, and shafts. Huge, non-natural items line the walls and roofs of these caves, including lights and scaffolding. 75 Mudokon employees were posted throughout the mines, along with many slig units. The Mine Cars are located deep within the site and was used by Abe as a way of easily traversing the tunnels while being safe from anything that would otherwise be a threat (sligs, mines, etc.). Due to its heavy and strong build, the Mine Car could be used to wipe out or eliminate enemies easily. 



A typical mine shaft.

  • The Necrum Mines appear to be built into a massive mountain or plateau.
  • The exterior of the Necrum Mines bears a striking resemblance to the Devil's Tower in Wyoming, USA.
  • The design of Necrum's exterior bears striking similarities to Zdislaw Beksinski's style of art.
  • In Necrum Mines, 75 Mudokons can be rescued, but one blind mudokon fell to his death in a cutscene.