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In the Oddworld narrative, the natives are a faction consisting of characters, tribes, and species who prefer to live in harmony with nature and, on occasion, fight against the Industrialists to preserve or restore it. Notable characters belonging to the native faction include Abe, Munch, and the Stranger

Plantlife Edit


Necrum palm trees looming over the horizon of Mudos.

There are numerous jungles, rainforests, and forests on Oddworld that are quickly being logged. These native species of plants are believed to be the main source of oxygen on Oddworld, breathing in carbon dioxide created by fauna and breathing out oxygen. The flora of Oddworld is also a source of food for many creatures.

Small Animals Edit

Small creatures including fish, birds, rodents, bugs, and amphibians are the most abundant form of wildlife on Oddworld. A wide variety of fish and amphibians, such as the Gabbit species that populate the seas, lakes, and rivers. Few birds have been sighted on Oddworld, but a few have been seen in the Mongo Wilds. Rodents, such as the Chippunk, live almost anywhere. Bugs astinging and biting Industrial inhabitants.

Large animals Edit

Large herding animals would have probably gone extinct on Oddworld when the Industrial companies had arrived.

Native Tribes Edit

There are a few sentient species native to Oddworld that had set up tribes thousands of years ago. Examples of these are the Grubb tribe and the Mudokon tribe, however, their relationship is unknown. There are also the Steefs, who protected the Grubbs for a time as well.

Mudokons Edit

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Varying Mudokun types within the Oddworld Universe.

Mudokons are frail, sickly-looking beings with green or blue skin. Their features include large, bulbous eyes, feather-like hair protruding from their heads, and three to four fingers. Their bodies are very thin and skeletal, and their skin is often wrinkled and sagging. They were later enslaved by the Glukkons for personal reasons. 


Grubbs from the time of Stranger's Wrath in Western Mudos


The Grubbs are meek and unassuming creatures. They rely on the Mongo River to stay alive, but the dam built by Sekto and the Clakkers moving in have severely famished them. The Grubbs were protected by the Steef but the Steef are nearly extinct and their last Steef guardian suddenly disappeared. Any Grubb who goes against Sekto is crucified and killed as a warning to every other Grubb.

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