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This is the beta and unused content for Munch's Oddysee.

Munch's Oddysee on PS2Edit

Originally, Munch's Oddysee was planned to be released on the PlayStation 2, but due to the difficulty Oddworld Inhabitants had with the early PS2 development, they moved the game to the Xbox, which was a launch title for the Xbox.

Unused/cut contentEdit

  • A vending machine/power-up called Klimb was set to be featured in the game, but was cut for unknown reasons, although it can found in the game's files and the demo as well.
  • A weapon called Shock Rocker Club was featured in the game manual, but was never used in the game due to time constraints.
  • Chroniclers were expected to appear in the game, but were ultimately absent from the final version.
  • Skeeters were supposed to appear in the game, but were cut from the game early in the production process.
  • Munch had an unused alter ego similar to Shrykull that could be triggered from Munch getting mad by Abe repeatedly slapping him.
  • An industrial tree-cutter known as The Harvester was originally intended on making an appearance.
  • Beetle-like creatures known as Meetles were originally intended to appear, and would've grown into 2 different forms.

Xbox E3 2000 Gameplay FootageEdit

BETA FOOTAGE of Oddworld Munch's Oddysee (XBOX E3 2000) Alpha Elements and prototype stuff

BETA FOOTAGE of Oddworld Munch's Oddysee (XBOX E3 2000) Alpha Elements and prototype stuff

  • The font is different.
  • Brewery To Be, No Muds Land, and Splinterz Manufacturing had different maps.
  • There were no land mines on the bridge of No Muds Land.
  • A fly mode would have been featured in the game.
  • The Kilmb vendor can be seen during the fly mode montage.
  • There was a tutorial beta stage in Brewery To Be, which players would able to how to play the game.
  • When Abe gets in the Travel Well and lands on top of a hill, he makes a grunt sound that is actually from Abe's Oddysee and Abe's Exoddus.
  • The Spooce Lock looks different.
  • The Rescue Portal looks different and it even makes a different sound effect.
  • Mudokons were seen walking and working in Splinterz Manufacturing.
  • There is a Xbox controller board in Splinterz Manufacturing.

Passport to Oddworld E3 2001 TrailerEdit

Passport to Oddworld (Munch's Oddysee E3 2001 Trailer)-0

Passport to Oddworld (Munch's Oddysee E3 2001 Trailer)-0

  • The water mines look different, which they were floating like balloons.
  • The Abe and Munch teleporter looks different.
  • Some of the sound effects were from the first two Oddworld titles.
  • Levers don't have a green/red light.
  • The exploding sound effect sounds different.
  • The game sometimes lags in the beta, but it doesn't lag in the final game. This is likely due to the developers fixed the lag.
  • Some of the Mudokons were bald.
  • The Klimb machine can be seen during the montage of the beta No Muds Land level.
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