The mark of the Mudomo tribe

The Mudomo was a tribe of Mudokons that were known for their worship of the Paramite until their extinction.

Background Edit

The Mudomo tribe were an ancient race of Mudokons who worshiped the Paramite as their sacred animal. Little is known about the Mudomo prior to the Mudokon-Glukkon schism. It's found in ancient recordings that the Mudomo tribe died out due to hostility and betrayal from their former Glukkon allies. Long after the extinction of the Mudomo, the Paramites vowed to protect their tombs in the Mudomo Vaults to repay the tribe for years of loyalty and reverence (much like the Scrabs in the Mudanchee Vaults).

Areas Inhabited by the Mudomo Edit


Reminents of the Mudomo tribe in Paramonia

The Mudomo tribe were believed to have inhabited areas of both Paramonia and Necrum. Throughout Paramonia, signs of Mudokon presence can be found including hieroglyphs and ancient structures. Among the Mudokon ruins in Paramonia are massive wooden citadels and walkways. The only known evidence of Mudomo presence in Necrum are the Mudomo Vaults which were used as a burial site for the tribe's dead.

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