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Tears be collected by Tear Extractors.

Mudokon Tears are tears collected from tortured Mudokons. The Mudokons are hung upside-down and electrocuted until they cry from the pain. The machine that electrocutes them is called a Tear X-tractor. The Glukkons do this to collect the tears from Mudokons for SoulStorm Brew. Mudokon tears are just one of the secret ingredients for SoulStorm Brew. The other is bones.

In the bad ending of Abe's Exoddus, Abe is killed when other Mudokon slaves capture him (for not freeing them) and give him to the Glukkons, who kill him by using a super-charged tear extractor. Just before the slig pulls the lever to kill Abe the Brewmaster comments saying, "This will be our finest brew ever!" If it did make the finest brew ever is unknown as Abe is killed by the machine before they extract any tears.

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