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Mudokon Pens is the 7th level of Munch's Oddysee.

It is the first level where the player controls both Abe and Munch allowing for multitasking. The first thing they must do is collect 5 Spooce to open a door in front of them, then they meet The Shaman who tells them that they must seek out The Almighty Raisin who has big news to tell them, but they must get passed some Sloghuts to make it to him, in addition to telling Abe of his Possession ability which he couldn't use the first 2 levels. Once Munch has gotten 60 Spooce, he can open up a well to help Abe to get across the water, since he's unable to swim and will drown if he touches the water. Then Munch can save the Fuzzles in the area, and Abe can use the Native Mudokons to open up a well in the water to send Munch up to an area with a Crane to clear the path blocked off by TNT Crates, in addition to giving Abe the chance to find additional Spooce and Mudokons at a higher up area. Once at the Exit Pads, they'll first need to be activated by Mudokons at the surrounding Chant Circles, after they take out the guarding Sligs, which'll then take Abe and Munch to the next level.


  • This level introduces the basics of controlling both Abe and Munch, with features like Resurrection Eggs, Exit Pads, and the Main Differences between the 2.
  • This is one of the 3 levels where a door will open without a specific switch type, the other 2 being Raisin's Cave and The Loading Dock, in the case of this level, it features doors that'll open by killing a Slig.
    • The Slig will not attack the Fuzzles Munch saves from the outside of the area while the door is still closed until he frees all of them from their cages.
  • Alternatively, Abe can quickly hop across the water without drowning.
  • This is the first level to feature a Wheelchair for Munch, since they only appear in outdoor levels for unknown reasons, with only 2 exceptions.
  • This is one of the 3 Non-Vykker's Labs levels to have Fuzzles.
  • The first Spooce Lock in the level uses the fewest amount of spooce out of all the Spoocelocks in the game, being only 5.
  • This is one of the only outdoor levels to feature a Quarma Board, making use of your Quarma. The other 2 being The Mudokon Fortress and Brewery To Be.