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The Mudokon Moon over the jungles of Necrum

The Mudokon Moon is a mysterious lunar phenomenon that first appeared over Mudos numerous centuries ago. It's also one of Oddworld's two natural satellites (the other being the Gabbit Moon).


Centuries ago, during the peak of ancient Mudokon civilization, numerous Mudokons reported sightings of a mysterious formation that appeared on face of Oddworld's largest moon that resembled a Mudokon hand print embedded on the moon's surface. The Mudokons claimed that the phenomenon was a sign from the gods and consequently the Mudokons created an omen declaring that their species was the supreme race of Oddworld, known as the Chosen Race. This act of self declared divinity enraged the Glukkons; the Glukkons were, at one point in history, a close ally of the Mudokons, so a sense of betrayal was only natural. In retaliation to the self zealous actions of the Mudokons, the Glukkons ended their long friendship with the Mudokons; marking the disastrous beginning of a schism and the start of the Age of Alchemy in which the Glukkons tried to disprove and ultimately erase the Mudokon belief of supremacy among all species. During the Age of Alchemy, the Glukkons formed their own isolated society in which they spent their lives indoors and refused to look upon the sky and the accursed Mudokon Moon that disgraced them. These actions ultimately resulted in the Glukkon development of their signature glowing eyes which were soon known to be light sensitive. The Mudokons believed that the Glukkons eyes began to glow since they were now filled with rage and animosity towards them that built up over the centuries. As time passed, the Glukkons gradually abandoned their spiritual ways until they became one of Oddworld's most prominent industrial races to this day.


The controversial 4-fingered moon from Abe's Oddysee

  • In Abe's Oddysee, the moons hand print had four digits. However, they were reduced to three in Abe's Exoddus, due to foreign circumstances with Japan. In Japanese culture, a person with missing body features were considered as being individuals that were shunned by society and nature. More specifically, the yakuza, Japanese organized crime, have a traditional punishment in which the transgressor is ordered to cut off his own pinkie finger, hence four fingered hands have become a sign of being a wizened and ruthless outlaw.
  • Lorne Lanning has said in an interview that a thunder storm had caused the engraving on the moon and it was a sign to Abe by superior beings.