The Mudokons are a highly spiritual race that are native to the continent of Mudos. They were once considered the supreme race on Oddworld,before being enslaved by the Glukkons. The majority of the Mudokon population are now born into captivity, and are forced to work in Glukkon factories.

Mudokons are the main protagonist race in Abe's Oddysee (and its remake), Abe's Exoddus (and its reimagining) and Munch's Oddysee (alongside the Fuzzles and Gabbits).

Anatomy and Physiology[edit | edit source]

Mudokons are greenish-blue humanoids with turtle-like facial features and four fingers on each hand. Mudokons are known to have evolved from birds, thus, explaining their agility, frail bone structure, and feather-like hair. Due to their avian origin, it's likely that Mudokons possess hollow bones. Mudokons have the ability to alter their skin-tone to reflect their current mood; angered

A map depicting the various parts of a mudokon.

Mudokons turn a reddish hue, overjoyed Mudokons turn yellow/green, and depressed Mudokons turn blue. Mudokons are oviparous and come from eggs produced by the Mudokon queen, Sam. Mudokons are also known to live a lifespan of roughly 40 years. In addition, they are the only species in Oddworld to bear a close resemblance to humans. According to Alf, most Mudokons (with the exception of queens and male drones) are infertile and are most likely incapable of reproducing.[1] Despite evolving from birds, Mudokons are shown to have teeth and, like birds, they have a gizzard for further digestion.

A mudokon shaman sitting by a warm fire

Mudokons are quite agile compared to the other creatures of Mudos, able to jump further than a Paramite and outrun a Scrab. Their main form of attack is the slap, which is incredibly powerful since Mudokon hands are large and heavy.

Spiritual Power[edit | edit source]

Mudokons are very spiritually active, although it is unknown whether this is part of their biology, or whether it was developed through their religion. Mudokons can gain spiritual energy from a variety of sources, such as through spooce shrubs, to gain spooce. Mudokons can bring out their spiritual power through chanting. This displays itself through possession orbs, which allow Mudokons to possess other animals, or to power spooce locks and upgrade shrines. They can also share their power with other Mudokons, by giving out red spirit rings, shrykull rings, healing rings, healing birds or chi. Dead Mudokons can even give out invisibility rings.

History[edit | edit source]

For centuries, the Mudokons were the supreme race of Oddworld. The Mudokons were known for their prowess above all of the other races and species on Mudos. Centuries prior to becoming an enslaved race, the Mudokons

Oddworld Abe's Oddysee Artwork 1.jpg

excelled in religion, art, philosophy, politics, architecture, and military. Thousands of years ago, the Glukkons were said to have been close allies of the Mudokons. After a long period of peace, a moon appeared in the skies of Oddworld which the Mudokons proclaimed to be the Mudokon Moon.

The Schism[edit | edit source]

A group of Mudokons saluting the Mudokon Moon.

Shortly after the appearance of the Mudokon Moon, the Mudokons established an omen that declared their species as the Chosen Race. Outraged by this, the Glukkons broke off their relations with the Mudokons and retreated underground, This event marked the beginning of a period known as the Age of Alchemy, in which the Glukkons tried to disprove the Mudokon belief of being the supreme species. During the Age of Alchemy, the Glukkons formed their own isolated society in which they spent their lives indoors and refused to see the sky or the accursed Mudokon Moon that had disgraced them. As time passed, they gradually abandoned their spiritual ways, until they became one of Oddworld's most prominent industrial races.

The Decline of Mudokon Society[edit | edit source]

As Glukkon society continued to flourish, the Mudokons started to work with the Glukkons in creating the forerunners of the products manufactured today. Over time, the Mudokons were belittled or oppressed by their Glukkon collaborators and became a species enslaved by their former allies. During their enslavement, the majority of the Mudokon species forgot their long-treasured heritage. The structures that remained from the once proud Mudokon race are either abandoned, being reclaimed by nature, or desperately being maintained by the few Mudokons who still practice their ancient traditions.

Mudokon Laborers awaiting their demise.

The Rise of the Messiah[edit | edit source]

Within the confines of the Glukkon food processing plant RuptureFarms, a single young Mudokon had a revelation after years of unquestioned loyalty to the Glukkons. The young Mudokon was known as Abe. Abe was waxing the floors of a corridor and stumbled upon leaked information from the RuptureFarms' CEO, Molluck, and fellow officials in the conference room. The Glukkons claimed that they were in danger of bankruptcy, due to the decline in RuptureFarms product sales caused by a decrease in healthy livestock. As a desperate last resort, Molluck unveiled a new product called Mudokon Pops, a new meat product made of Mudokon meat. Shocked by this discovery, Abe

Abe awaiting his hand scars

made it his goal to escape RuptureFarms. Upon escaping RuptureFarms, Abe met a native Mudokon shaman known as Big Face at the Monsaic Lines. Big Face stated that Abe was the Messiah who had returned to restore the Mudokon way of life outside of slavery and save the rest of the Mudokons from RuptureFarms. He then told Abe that he had to pass a Mudokon test of fate, which required him to travel through the Scrab homeland of Scrabania and the Paramite homeland of Paramonia. After passing these tests, Big Face was convinced that Abe was the Messiah and branded his hands with the marks of both creatures; giving him the ability to transform into Shrykull, one of the Mudokon demi-gods.

Reconstruction of Mudokon Society[edit | edit source]

After the destruction of the SoulStorm Brewery, the Mudokons started to gradually rediscover their once lost heritage. Though their society and culture hasn't achieved the grand scale that it was once recognized for, the growing race managed to successfully establish most of their lost religion as well as the associated traditions. With the help of the native population of Mudokons led by Big Face, the Mudokons began to train spiritual successors of the once

The many warriors ranks found in mudokon society

fearsome Mudokon warriors including Mudarchers and Tomahawkers. Once their race gained a stable foothold as a new-found civilization, Abe and a group of his many followers established the Mudokon Resistance[citation needed].

Variants & classes[edit | edit source]

Mudokons can have five different conditions exclusive to Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus, adding a challenging obstacle when Abe tries to rescue them.

Emotions[edit | edit source]

Angry[edit | edit source]

Mud angry.png

An angry Mudokon can be identified by the red hue on their skin. If Abe smacks an angry Mudokon, it will immediately strike back. They will smack other nearby Mudokons and operate traps, hampering the player's progress. Angry Mudokons won't follow Abe until Abe tells one that he's "sorry", in that it will no longer be angry and follow Abe's orders. Normal Mudokons can get angry if Abe unjustly hits them.

Wired[edit | edit source]

Mud wired.png

A wired Mudokon can be identified by their slap-happy, erratic behavior and yellow-hued skin. These are Mudokons that have been exposed to laughing gas. While wired, these Mudokons will follow Abe no matter what. However, they will hyper-actively run around and be hard to manage, making sneaking by enemies impossible. They can be calmed by hitting them once, after that, they will no longer be wired; unless they're exposed to laughing gas again.

Depressed[edit | edit source]

Mud depressed.png

A depressed Mudokon can be identified by their sharp-blue hued skin. Mudokons can either be discovered this way or will become depressed upon seeing another Mudokon getting killed, including Abe. They will not follow Abe's orders, so Abe must tell a depressed Mudokon he's "sorry" to snap them out of their depression. However, striking a Mudokon in this state will turn it suicidal, and it will constantly hit itself until it dies unless Abe uses the "sorry" command to stop it in time.

Afflictions[edit | edit source]

Sick[edit | edit source]

Mud sick.png

A sick Mudokon is the least common type of the five. There are only two known factors that can cause Mudokon sickness; drinking the highly addictive Soulstorm Brew, or being left in a Tear Extractor. Their sickness negates the ability for them to do anything at all, and they must be cured by Abe using a healing ring given to him by a shaman. This first occurs on the five Mudokons that followed Abe to Necrum at the beginning of Abe's Exoddus and doesn't occur again until Abe reaches Soulstorm Brewery. They can be slapped but all it will do is make them do a "Sad" groan and kneel back down. Trying to talk to them will just make them groan and grip their heads.

Blind[edit | edit source]

Mud blind.png

A blind Mudokon can be identified by their greyish skin. Because of their blindness, they can't simply follow Abe the way Mudokons normally can and have to rely solely on well-timed voice commands that Abe gives out. Poorly-timed voice commands could have a blind Mudokon wandering into hazards. Despite their blindness, they will run straight into activated bird portals (though can comically run into a wall before doing so). Like normal Mudokons, they can become angry, depressed, sick, OR wired.

Warrior classes[edit | edit source]

There are two new native warrior Mudokon types exclusive to Munch's Oddysee that are capable of combat. Because their homes are where Abe finds them, they do not need to be rescued with bird portals. These Mudokons types can either be found how they are or can be transformed or upgraded with Spooce.

Tomahawker[edit | edit source]

Toma small.png

A Tomahawker is a melee-fighter capable of doing a good deal of damage to enemies with its club weapon. They will fight enemies when Abe commands it, or if they encounter threats on their own. Normal native Mudokons can be upgraded into Tomahawkers, which can be further upgraded to Mudarchers, provided there's enough Spooce to do this.

Mudarcher[edit | edit source]

Muda small.png

A Mudarcher is an elite Mudokon capable of ranged combat - doing damage that's very effective against armored enemies. They will fire at enemies when Abe commands it, or if they encounter threats on their own. Mudarchers can be upgraded from Tomahawkers, provided there's enough Spooce to do this.

Monks[edit | edit source]

In New 'n' Tasty, many natives wear masks. These are the natives that you have to whistle to get past.

Monsaic[edit | edit source]

These Mudokons appear in the Monsaic Lines and Rupture Farms. The Monsaic Lines monks are guards that will attack you with a lethal catapult if you approach them. They will only calm down if Abe replicates their passcode correctly. In Rupture Farms, they will stand in the background and chant if Abe approaches to give him a red Spirit Ring. Their mask is wooden and the surface is bark, with spirals carved in where the eyes would be. This mask appears to blind the Mudokon, although that might be the point, as a part of the spiritual training.

Paramonian[edit | edit source]

These monks live in the Paramonian forest and Temple. The ones that live in the forest block Abe's way, until he whistles a code to them. The ones that live in the temple will give out Spirit Rings after the whistle code. They wear heartwood masks with six eye holes with a black Paramite glyph drawn on.

Scrabanian[edit | edit source]

These monks live in the Scrabanian desert. They can either pull levers or summon spirit rings after a whistle combination. Their mask appears to be taut leather, with red paint drawing of the Scrab glyph and many black dots on.

Other Mudokon Classes[edit | edit source]

Scrubs[edit | edit source]

Scrubs are the enslaved Mudokons that are still held at the Glukkon Businesses and establishments. These Mudokon prisoners sport a prisoner outfit and have tedious tasks no one would want to do. These Mudokons can be saved by Abe to earn good Quarma; to save them from their horrendous jobs.

Shaman[edit | edit source]

A Shaman is a servant to the Almighty Raisin in Munch's Oddysee. This Mudokon can be found guiding Abe and Munch on their journey by saying tips and such to help them on their adventure. He teleports to the protagonists via Shaman Circles.

Religion[edit | edit source]

Mudokon religion revolves around nature and the spirits all around them. The native landscape is very sacred to the Mudokons and some will put down their lives for it. Along with nature worship, some tribes are known to worship certain wildlife. For example, the Mudomo worship the Paramites and the Mudanchee worship Scrabs. However, Mudokons are also known to worship individual figures such as the Almighty Raisin seeing him as being the embodiment of wisdom and Shrykull seeing him as the embodiment of strength.

Notable Mudokons[edit | edit source]

Mudokon society depicts a naming system uncommon to others. Mudokons, being a race with little contact with a motherly figure, name each other when the time calls for it, sometimes based off of descriptive features they possess (such as Big Face and the Three Weridos) or possibly after sounds or grunts (although this is uncertain), such as Abe and Alf.

Notable Mudokons include:

Locations Sacred to Mudokon Culture[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The original design for Mudokons depicted them having four fingers. Due to a cultural difference in Japan involving the Burakumin, who find four-fingered characters highly offensive, Mudokons were depicted with three fingers in both Abe's Exoddus and Munch's Oddysee.[2] It wasn't until the HD remaster of Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee that the fourth finger saw a return. Since then, the four-fingered Mudokon has returned as the standard Mudokon design in both Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty and all promotional materials worldwide.
    • The three-fingered design of the Mudokons' hands bears some resemblance to the Vulcan salute from Star Trek.
    • On the Steam Trading Card artwork "New Kind of Meat" the fingers are marked as "Finger cutlets, market carefully in eastern regions" as a possible reference to the Japanese finger controversy.[3]
  • The name "Mudokon" is based off the continent they are native to: Mudos.[4]

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