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A Murdarcher

Mudarchers are elite Mudokons that can shoot enemies at distance and the first type of Mudokon that has a range weapon and a step up from the assault-orientated Tomahawkers.

They are highly effective against armored Sligs such as the Armored Popper. Their weapon is called the Spoocebow and is essentially the Mudokon equivalent of the Slig's T1 Fully Automatic or T2 Fully Automatic, the Vyyker's SnUzi and the Big Bro Slig's Blitz Packer.

The Spoocebows have a rate of fire equivalent to that of a machinegun rather than a simple compound bow, a group of several Mudarchers could deal with an entire small army of Sligs, Vyykers or Interns all at once. The weapon is located on the Mudarcher's right forearm and is made of bone, wood, four pink jewels, a large blue gem, and a light blue gem in center carved to a fine point for stabbing.

Trivia Edit

  • The name Mudarcher is a portmanteau of Mudokon and archer.
  • It can also be a onomatopoeia of the word murder.
  • Seeing as how the weapon is called a Spoocebow, it is likely that it fires the magical energies of a Spooceshrub rather than physical ammunition from the industrial races.
  • Due to their devastating range attacks, Mudarchers are the most powerful type of Mudokons and the last type of Mudokon to be encountered/transformed.



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