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The Mudanchee Vaults are located in the eastern area of Necrum.


The Scrabs were sacred animals to a group of fearsome Mudokon warriors known as the Mudanchee tribe. The Mudanchee built the Mudanchee Vaults as a final resting place for their dead. To repay the Mudanchee for years of worship and reverence, the Scrabs vowed to become the eternal guardians of the vaults long after the extinction of the Mudanchee.

The Mudanchee Vault plan as seen later in game

Defiling of the Vault[]

During the occupation of Necrum, the SoulStorm Mining Company proposed the establishment of the a Scrab hunting preserve on the location of the Mudanchee Vaults known as Scrab-O-Rama. It can be noted SoulStorm's presence was growing as a series of small Slig outposts and Sloghuts were already established deep within the vault. However, this hunting preserve never became a reality due to the destruction of Necrum Mines.



Abe's Exoddus Soundtrack - Mudanchee Vaults

The music track played while inside of the Vault