Moving Bombs are explosive security devices often found in and around Industrial facilities to restrict access.

Appearance and function Edit

Moving Bombs are spherical metal objects with a number of “spines” protruding out from their surface. Some of these spines are tipped with red lights which regularly pulse. They are quite large and appear to be slightly larger than a Mudokon’s torso, and emit a low pulsing sound which is audible from close by.

Moving Bombs are unique in that they are the only explosive hazard seen in the Oddworld games that moves – they have some form of anti-gravity function allowing them to float and move through the air unsupported. They may be completely stationary, move around in a looping pattern, or be triggered (by a lever or by a creature crossing a predetermined boundary) to follow a set path to a destination.

The slightest touch is enough to detonate a Moving Bomb, which creates an explosion powerful enough to kill any creature in the immediate area. Just like other explosives, Moving Bombs can be detonated from a safe distance by throwing rocks, using grenades, using a Shrykull charge or making an enemy walk into them.

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