Mongo river but much bigger

Map of the Mongo River showing the dried riverbed which forms the Mongo Valley.

Mongo Valley is a large area in Western Mudos where the events in Stranger's Wrath take place. The Mongo River runs through it. Just like the rest of Oddworld, nature in the Mongo Valley is very hard to come by - but due to the events in Stranger's Wrath, wildlife may well be restored.

Climate Edit

The northern part is quite cold and artic. Sekto Springs Dam is located here, draining the Mongo River, but leaving a smaller river in the valley. Further south, the climate becomes more temperate. This is the place in the Mongo Valley that is most abundunt in wildlife. New Yolk City is located here. The most southern part of the valley is a large desert, where the Mongo River is little more than a trickle due to the Sekto Springs Dam reducing the river's flow.

Wildlife Edit

The central part of the Mongo Valley is the richest part when it comes to plantlife. Wilderbeasts and large animals have been all but extinct from the valley. One may find a small variety of fish, birds and rodents (such as the Chippunk) and bugs (such as the Bolamite).

Natives and History Edit

There is a native Grubb tribe struggling to survive in the Mongo Valley being ushered (actually, pushed is a more accurate term) by Sekto away from the river and down into the desert. One of the largest and most defended Grubb cities is Last Legs.

Little is known about the history of the Mongo Valley before the events of Stranger's Wrath, except for the fact that the Steef were killed off as protectors of the Grubb tribe.