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The Mine Car is a unique form of transportation in areas of Abe's Exoddus and Stranger's Wrath.

Abe's Exoddus[]

The Mine Car is a small circular tank-like vehicle with a steel belted wheel that is found in Necrum Mines and Bonewerkz They are designed to be used to transport authorized personnel and/or supplies to designated locations. They are virtually indestructible and crush any obstacle in its path. Their designated routes usually consist of vertical and horizontal directions. The steel belted wheels make the car capable of traveling up walls in 90° angles as well as on ceilings. There are mechanisms on the belts that allow the car to detach from its track and land on unlucky souls on the tracks below it. Be aware that Mine Cars kill or destroy anything they come into contact with, including Mudokons. Mine Cars also trigger motion detectors, though that is less of a concern, as mine cars are invincible.

Stranger's Wrath[]

Stranger has to ride in cars sometimes, shooting outlaws as he goes. They are mainly in the Xplosives McGee mission, but appear during Fatty McBoomBoom's level as well. In both cases, they play similarly to an arcade shooter game, and explosive crates appear constantly for Stranger to shoot.

Outlaws may appear on carts as well during a ride, which Stranger will have to deal with. During the fight with Xplosives, he rides around in a minecart that Stranger must bring down the tracks in order to face him directly.