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Oddworld Inhabitants has had a number of different sponsors as time passed. This page presents a variety of different companies that sell or have sold Oddworld related merchandise.

1998 Oddworld Merchandising Catalog Edit


During the years that Abe's Exoddus was released, all Abe's Exoddus game manuals featured an ordering catalog of following items:

  • 8 Mudokon MOOD t-shirts including, Happy, Brew Sick, Angry, Dead, Blind, Neutral, Slap Happy, and Sad.
  • 2 Long Sleeve Brew Sick Shirts
  • Limited Edition "Operation Lightning Bolt" t-shirt
  • MOOD boxers
  • Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus Official Strategy Guide
  • Abe's Exoddus cap with Mudokon skull and crossbones symbol (comes in black only)

Stickers Edit

Mudokon Faces Collection

The Mudokon Faces Collection. Item #: OW-023

Collector's Edition Movie Posters Edit

All posters are 27" x 39". Price: $10.95 each

Insert Coin Clothing Edit

Insert coin clothing logo

Insert Coin Clothing is a United Kingdom-based clothing design store. The company is known for making various video game related attire, including Oddworld themed clothing.

Shirts Edit

Two shirt designs were made; both of which are related to Stranger's Wrath. Both designs are now out of print.

  • Welcome to New Yolk City (Male[1] & Female[2] versions)
  • Sekto Springs Bottled Water (Male only[3])

Qwertee “Probrewbly Bad” T-shirt Edit

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Designed by Jonny Eveson and was voted for a limited run on This t-shirt was only on sale for 24 hours on 2nd April 2013[4] and some were also given out as prizes for a Thrifty Cosplay competition held by Oddworld Inhabitants[5].

New 'n' Tasty poster Edit


A refreshed version of the original New 'n' Tasty poster seen in the Abe's Oddysee opening cutscene, designed by Jonny Eveson. The poster design was revealed on the Oddworld website on 18 January 2013[6]. The posters were never made available to buy; five signed copies were given away as prizes on 14th February 2014 to winners of a competition to name Trophies for New 'n' Tasty[7][8].

New 'n' Tasty Soundtrack Edit

Black Screen Records produced a vinyl release of the New 'n' Tasty Soundtrack, released in 2015.[9]

Gametee Edit

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Gametee is an England-based videogame merchandise store who produce officially licensed merchandise for a range of game series including Oddworld Inhabitants.

Clothing Edit

Gametee has produced clothing based on Oddworld:

  • Sneak T-shirt[10]
  • Rupture Farms T-shirt'[11]
  • SoulStorm Brew T-shirt'[12]
  • Rupture Farms - Acid Wash Hoodie
  • Soulstorm Brew - Acid Wash Hoodie
  • Oddworld Mudokon Socks

Prints Edit

Gametee has produced three art prints based on Oddworld:

Other Edit

  • SoulStorm Brew Gaming Candle[16]
  • Mudokon Enamel Badge Set[17]
  • Oddworld - Digital Backpack
  • Oddworld - Scrab and Paramite Bracelet Set
  • Taste Rupture - Large Tin Sign
  • Oddworld Inhabitants - Necklace

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