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One eyed victims of industrial carnage, Meeps are innocent creatures who only want to gaze at the clouds and chew their cud.

— Oddworld Inhabitants Official Site

Meeps as they appear in-game.

Meeps are large unipedal mammals native to Oddworld that resemble sheep. Meeps are typically used as livestock and are featured ingredients in Tasty Treats, produced by RuptureFarms. They graze in open fields and valleys, and their meat is known to be used as Slog grub.


Meeps have one large eye and one foot. To move, they hop on their foot (similar to Gabbits). They have a large head and rounded body with a stubby tail. Their eye is normally half closed but opens wide when frightened.

Behavior and Intelligence[]

Meeps aren't the most intelligent creatures in Oddworld. This is evident in gameplay in the Meep Herder Village, where meeps jump away from Munch (probably because they have never encountered a Gabbit and do not know whether Munch is a friend or foe). They do not jump away from Abe as he is a Mudokon and Meeps are commonly used by Mudokons as livestock. They won't do anything but graze and must be herded to do what they are told. If any Meep are killed, they'll respawn not long later back in their original placing.

Economic importance[]

Meeps, economically, spell a huge profit for the Glukkons and other Industrial species. They are fast growing, and can be found in large herds, making them ideal livestock. When fat enough, Meeps are sent to the slaughterhouse, and their meat is sold to various companies to produce a variety of foodstuff including, but not limited to, Tasty Treats, Meep Munchies, and Slog grub. As so, they are slaughtered and bred in great amounts, and are constant and innocent victims of animal testing, most likely by the Vykkers.