Machine Operators are Industrial Creations found in Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee. They can be used by Munch to operate Industrial Snoozers and Cranes.


Snoozers are found in only 2 levels throughout the entire game, being Snoozie Lab and Sloghut 2813. They can be used to take out enemies and put them to sleep for a limited amount of time (indicated by having a halo circle them), as well as blow up TNT Crates. They have health similar to enemies possessed by Abe, and when the Snoozer has been defeated, a new one will drop back where it started from.


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Cranes are found in 7 levels throughout the entire game, some levels even have 2. Unlike Snoozers, they can never be destroyed. Cranes can carry stuff around similar to what Abe can do (it even carries Abe himself) and place them up on high places. It's not able to carry anything Abe is unable to carry, like Fuzzles. Other stuff cranes can do includes dropping enemies onto a Recycling Fan, dropping enemies into the water to easily take them out, dropping Bonepowder Kegs onto enemies more precisely (as well as use them to open paths blocked off by TNT Crates), and drop Labor Egg Crates into a Disposal Chute. When something for the crane to pick up is underneath it, its light will change from red to green. It can only move within a certain area.

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