Lungbuster cigarettes

Poster from Munch's Oddysee cinematic


"Ever notice the crow's feet around crotchety ole' Grand-Cousin Nelly's eyes? Ever gawk at the sickly wobble of Great-Uncle Cletus' gigantic spare tire of a belly? Ever see an 80 year old guy on a bench press? Well, we have too - so if you want to avoid these tragic consequences of old age might we suggest Lungbuster Cigs - smooth, refined and 100% carcinogenetic. Lungbuster: Who wants to grow old anyway?" ~ Vyykers Labs: Products

Lungbuster Cigarettes are highly addictive and produced by Vykkers Labs for the Glukkons who smoke. They cause cancer like normal cigarettes, which may have helped cause the near-extinction of Gabbits since their lungs make good transplants for Glukkons.

Sligs are also known to use these cigarettes to pass the time while on shift.



Lungbuster as it appeared as a vendo in the Passport to Oddworld promo video.

  • These cigarettes are known to contain a ridiculous amount of nicotine
  • Originally, Lungbuster Cigarettes would have appeared as a vending machine in an early installment of Munch's Oddysee. Appearing as a pink vendo with a Lungbuster Cigarrette logo painted on the front. However, it was cut early on due to either lack of utility, time constraints, or troubled development.
  • The vendo was seen only in the Passport to Oddworld promotional video as a piece of artwork lined up with other cut/unused vendos such as Klimb and in-game vendos such as Expresso.


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