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The Lulu Fund

The Lulu Fund is Lulu's sole way of making money in Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee. It is established after the Almighty Raisin tells Abe and Munch that the only way to save the Gabbiar is to make Lulu filthy rich. In one of the early newspaper headlines, Lulu is seen announcing the Lulu Fund while under Abe's control. Abe then forces several other Glukkons to donate all their Moolah to the fund, eventually raising Lulu to the status of GlockStar.


Lulu Funds are found in areas that only Abe can access. He must possess the Glukkon by standing on a floor switch that opens a door leading into the office. The Glukkon cannot run out of the office, as something is always blocking the way out while still allowing a possession orb to get in. Once the Moolah has been donated, it'll activate the Exit Pad of the level (with the exception of Level 20, which has 6 Glukkons in the level, and it'll only raise the Water Level and open doors/wells leading to Flub Fuels). Once having donated the Moolah, the Glukkon will then bang and collapse at the loss of all the Moolah having been donated while possessed.


  • Usually, Abe would barely have much time to get through the door to where the Glukkon is since the floor switch decreases at an insane speed. If he does manage to get through, he'll be zapped in a similar fashion to how a Chant suppressor does but will kill him instantly.
  • It is never explained (beyond obvious gameplay reasons) why all Glukkons have a Lulu Fund machine in their office.