Lorne Lanning

Lorne Lanning

Lorne Lanning is the co-creator of the Oddworld series. He is a veteran in films production and a skilled artist along with the other co-creator Sherry McKenna. He also did much of the voice acting in the Oddworld Pentalogy. He has been interviewed many times and is currently entering the art of CG film and television production. He doesn't imply that he is doing anything Oddworld related any time soon, for the internal, game development part of Oddworld Inhabitants has been shut down as of 2005, and the rest of the company has been relocated to San Francisco. He is currently working a movie known as Citizen Siege. As of July 15, 2010, Lorne has been working on a new unnamed Oddworld game with the help of the company Just Add Water and a number of members of the original Oddworld Inhabitants development team.


  • Lorne has provided voices for a majority of the characters in the Oddworld franchise including Abe, the Mudokons, The Three Weirdos, the Sligs, Director Phleg, and General Dripik.
  • YouTuber Caddicarus has turned Lorne Lanning into a small meme of sorts, always referring to him as 'The Legendary Limitless Luscious Lorne Lanning'. The meme is even available in the form of a t-shirt.

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