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Live ammo is as its name implies; live animals or creatures that Stranger uses as ammo in his crossbow. Live ammo can be collected in the wild by stunning the creatures with a Zappfly blast, bought in a number of General Stores, or found in crates. Most ammo types have an upgraded form that is unlocked as the game progresses.

Brief overview[]

  • Zappfly - Deals very light damage. However, the Zappfly can be left to charge up in power. Charged shots deal more damage, are capable of stunning normal enemies outright and can open locking mechanisms.
  • Fuzzle - Can be stuck to walls, roofs, and the ground in order to set a trap. Does moderate damage and distracts afflicted enemies. Upgrades to Rabid Fuzzles, which deal much more damage and have an increased fire rate.
  • Stunkz - Releases a noxious gas that causes nearby enemies to vomit and effectively stunned. Stunned enemies can be bountied. Upgrades to Sparkz Stunkz, which creates a 'vacuum' that sucks nearby enemies towards itself.
  • Chippunk - Lures an unaware enemy to its location. Enemies will still prioritize attacking Stranger if he is spotted, though. Upgrades to the Howler Punk, which lures three enemies instead of one.
  • Bolamite - A spider that incapacitates its target in a web. Webbed targets can be bountied directly. Upgrades to the Bola Blast, which can incapacitate multiple enemies in a medium-range cone, in addition to webbing the enemy in the center of the crosshairs.
  • Thudslug - Deals heavy damage and can stun most normal enemies. Upgrades to Riot Slugs, which deal much more damage and are capable of instantly killing most basic enemies.
  • Stingbee - A rapid-fire weapon that deals moderate damage and homes in on targets. Upgrades to super Stingbees, which has a higher firing rate and larger clip size.
  • Boombat - A highly-damaging, explosive weapon that deals damage in an area, and can stun enemies. Has a short delay before exploding, and upgrades to Boombat seekers, which are able to home in on their target and deal increased damage.
  • Sniper Wasp - When using binoculars, it fires a huge-range sniper shot that can instantly kill non-bosses

Surge Bugs were originally intended on being a type of live ammo used in the game, but they were dropped for unknown reasons[1].

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