Lefty Lugnutz

Lefty Lugnutz is a wanted poacher, illegally rounding up and selling Slegs and Sleg byproducts. He and Cornjaws the Retired Sleg Hunter used to work together, until they had a dispute over Lefty's methods and separated. The only way to get to him is by learning the Sleg call from Cornjaws himself. Afterwards, Lefty can be found downstream of the Mongo River at the Grubb Graveyard.

Lefty seems to be a personal nuisance to the bounty store owner in New Yolk City. Once Lefty is captured or killed, Stranger returns to the bounty store to cash in on Lefty's bounty and is told that if the store owner could, he would have given a bonus to Stranger for taking out Lefty Lugnutz for him.

Despite his name, he does not actually shoot left-handed.

 Bounty Edit

Alive: $700

Dead: $200