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Last Legs is the only known Grubb city. It is located in the northern part of the Mongo Valley, just south of Sekto Springs Dam. The only access to Last Legs is a small tunnel leading through the city wall that is made for canoes and small boats, this tunnel lacks water however.

Last Legs also acts as some sort of fort, to prevent the Wolvark armies from moving south and decimating the southern Grubb tribes. Unlike many Grubb Villages, the fortification of Last Leg is quite impressive, boasting mighty walls and towers. Its size would've suggested that it once housed a large population of Grubb. Grubbs that are seen inhabiting the city are of lightish-blue complexion compared to their southern more lime-green cousins and wore lamellar armor topped with Ushabi hats. Also unlike other Grubb villages, Last Leg is one of the only known settlements boasting cannonry.

By the time Stranger arrives, the city is under siege by Sekto's Wolvark army. The city is being assaulted by a number of dropships, which are supported and possibly supplied by a massive airborne carrier which hovers ominously above the city. The interior of the city is also crawling with Wolvark troops which are engaged with the defending Grubb forces.


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