Lady Margaret is one of the Glukkon queens and the supreme leader of the Magog Cartel. She is huge, fat, and ugly, resembling a titanic bobbit worm. However, this doesn't deter her from tending to her own makeup.

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According to The Daily Deception, she had developed a hacking cough sometime after the destruction of Soulstorm Brewery, and it was soon leaked to the public that Lady Margaret would be in the need of a new set of lungs. Continued research into the cure of Gorman Disenza revealed that Gabbit lungs would make a viable substitute for Glukkon lungs, which instigated a continent-wide search for the last surviving Gabbit, Latimire Munch, who had recently escaped from Vykkers Labs.  

The search inevitably proved fruitless, as Latimire Munch was able to avoid capture. With no other alternatives, Lady Margaret was placed on an artificial life-support system. 

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