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Labor Egg Storage is the 24th Level in Munch's Oddysee. Abe and Munch start off near an Expresso, that Abe can do to run whilst avoiding Gun Firing Interns and Exploding TNT Crates, then he'll reach an Invisible Vendo to help him safely climb up a ladder in an area with more Interns to where there's some Labor Egg Crates that need saving, but the Invisible Vendo will only last a fairly short time. Once having tossed all the Labor Egg Crates into the Disposal Chute, Abe can take out the Interns below with Bonepowder Kegs. Munch then can go to a nearby area with a Wheelchair and a Zap Vendo that can be used to take out the Interns in the Lower Area, though a better way would be drop use the nearby Crane to drop the Interns into a Recycling Fan. The Crane can also be used for Abe to collect some Scrubs in an alcove up above, that are needed to pull multiple Levers to open up a door that leads further into the level. Through that door is another Zap Vendo to take out some Vykkers in the area, another idea is to have Abe toss a nearby Bonepowder Keg at them. That same area will also have more Labor Egg Crates, which Munch can use the nearby Crane to drop them into the Disposial Shoot up above, as well as drop Abe high up to where there's a lever to open up the door with the Exit Pads, as well as a Bird Portal to save the Scrubs and Fuzzles, though that Exit Pad will not take Abe and Munch to the next level together.


  • This is the only level in Munch's Oddysee where the Shaman doesn't have any messages for Abe and Munch.
  • Although you won't be able to get to this level unless you have 50% Quarma or more, there's still Fuzzles, Scrubs and Labor Egg Crates that need saving in the level, though not saving them this time around won't affect anything.
    • Though this is the case, it is the last level that makes use of the Player's Quarma, since the Scrubs in the next level will be upgraded into more powerful Mudarchers at some point that don't need saving.
  • This along with Magog Motors are the only indoor levels to have a Wheelchair for Munch to use.
  • Last level to have Exploding Bonepowder Kegs and TNT Crates, as well as the last level to have things that Munch uses.