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Irwin is Humphrey's colleague, and one of the top scientists at Vykker's Labs.

Background Edit

Irwin has a shorter temper than Humphrey, being more concerned with the value of Munch's lungs than Humphrey's risky money-saving endeavors. However, once he learns about Humphrey's "flawless" plan to use Munch as a critter-catching tool to save them time for more research and development, he quickly apologizes.

It is heavily implied that Irwin is either Humphrey's assistant or a founder of Vykker's Labs as he confronted him about his failures. It is also likely that he had killed many gabbits through surgically removing their lungs as he seemed to be more concerned about Munch's lungs than anything else.

Fate Edit

Good Ending Edit

Irwin dies alongside Humphrey after the fuzzles detonate a bomb within Vykker's Labs.

Bad Ending Edit

Irwin kills Munch by surgically removing his lungs via an asortment of horrible surgical tools.

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