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Irwin is Humphrey's colleague, one of the top scientists at Vykker's Labs and one of the two main antagonists (alongside Humphrey) of Munch's Oddysee. He is also known to be an experienced Gabbit Lung surgeon and has killed many Gabbits through his surgeries. 


Greedy Colleague[]

Irwin has a shorter temper than Humphrey, being more concerned with the value of Munch's lungs than Humphrey's risky money-saving endeavors. However, once he learns about Humphrey's "flawless" plan to use Munch as a critter-catching tool to save them time for more research and development, he quickly apologizes.

Gabbit Lung Surgeon[]

It's heavily implied that Irwin is either Humphrey's assistant or a founder of Vykker's Labs as he confronted him about his failures. It is also likely that he had killed many Gabbits through surgically removing their lungs as he seemed to be more concerned about Munch's lungs than anything else. This may be due to the fact that the Glukkon Queen, Lady Margaret, is currently dying within the events of Munch's Oddysee. She is dying due to the fact of one of the side effects of one of the Vykkers Labs Products, the LungBuster Cigarettes. In contrast, Irwin might be concerned about Munch's lungs because he is the last Gabbit remaining in Eastern Mudos; it could get them an excessive amount of Moolah


Good Ending[]

Within the events of the Good Quarma Ending, Irwin is consumed and killed by a fiery explosion within the operating room of Vykker's Labs 13. This explosion was detonated by the Fuzzles as it killed both Irwin and his friend and associate, Humphrey.  Irwin dies alongside Humphrey after the fuzzles detonate a bomb within Vykker's Labs.

Bad Ending[]

Within the events of the Bad Quarma Ending, Irwin can be seen operating on Munch after the recapture of the last Gabbit. Irwin kills Munch by gruesomely removing his lungs via an assortment of horrible surgical tools within his grasp, making the Gabbit Species extinct. He then ends the game with some evil laughter.

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Trivia []

  • Like many other Vykkers, Irwin loves to conduct horrible experiments upon native species of Oddworld through sadistic methods. One can see this through Irwin talking to Humphrey when he says he "left the fuzzle on the burner", implying that he was burning a Fuzzle alive within one of his experiments. 

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