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Glukkon stages

Industrialists are business species that control most of Mudos. They have livelihoods based on selling cheap consumer goods. They are organized into large corporations, which in turn are responsible for overseeing individual companies. Anything industrial is inherently not magical nor compassionate.

Industrial Species Edit

Glukkons, Oktigi, and the Sekto Springs Bottled Water Company, belong to the Gloktigi Order. Oktigi generally are in charge of large companies with massive factories that destroy wildlife. The Wolvarks and the Sligs are hired by the large Oktigi and Glukkon companies, respectively. The Clakker species populate dense areas of dwellings. Vykkers run research facilities and produce new technology for Glukkons to mass-produce. Sometimes Vykkers and Glukkons are business partners; at other times they are competing corporations.

It is unknown whether the Slegs and Slogs were originally a native species or an introduced species.

Theories Edit

Due to the fact that these non-natives have a high tech level, it is theorized that they came to Oddworld by spacefaring means. Others believe that everything in the series of Oddworld is odd; therefore, they may have arrived from a distant land on Oddworld besides Mudos. Most likely is that they could all be Natives originally but don't live up to that name. Glukkons are confirmed to have been in Eastern Mudos at least since before the appearance of the Mudokon Moon. Sligs are confirmed to have originally been native but despised other intelligent species because they did not have legs. Given the power to walk with pant devices designed by Vykkers and manufactured by Glukkons, they are bullies to oppressed species. Most notably this includes Slogs and Mudokons.