Special mudokon icon with Healing Ring power as seen in SoulStorm Brewery

The Healing Ring is a superatural power gained by chosen mudokons in order to save their brethren from brew sickness or Tear Extraction psychological experience. The main character, Abe used this power to heal his sick friends who drank too much brew from a SoulStorm Brew vending machine in Necrum Mines and in SoulStorm Brewery .    

Background Story - Abe's Exoddus

The Necrum Mines incident, involving 5 sick mudokons from Brew, came as a transition from a minor problem, to a complex one. From the fact that Abe's friends got sick from brew, The Three Weirdos had came with an answer at the end of their task (completion of Mudomo and Mudanchee Vaults given to the main character):   

  1. SoulStorm Brew is made from mudokon bones made by Bonewerkz and processed in SoulStorm Brewery. 
  2. SoulStorm Brewery is the main industrial location involved in mudokon bone procesing.
  3. SoulStorm Brewery must be destroyed.

    Sick mudokons from SoulStorm Brew machine - Necrum Mines

Within SoulStorm Brewery, there are several sick mudokons, probably sick from Brew or from Tear Extraction machine. In this case, Abe has to choose between saving them by talking to a special mudokon who has the Healing Ring ability or being continually tortured by industrialists.

In-game information regarding the Healing Ring

  1. Your mudokon friends are sick from brew. You must complete the quests of the mudokon spirits to heal them. Return here after you've completed the Mudanchee and Mudomo Vaults - Tunnel 2, Necrum Mines.
  2. Remember Abe - Us restless mudokon spirits yearn for freedom and peace for our bones. Your first quest will be complete when the spirits of your ancestors are released from bondage. Then, we'll help you heal your friends. - Necrum Burial Ground, Necrum Jungle.



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