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Gum Rot Advertisement from Vyyker's Labs

"Hey kids, tired of the same old sugary snacks? Need something sweet to get you to lunchtime? Well, now there's Gum-rot - a scientific revolution in man-made sweetening technology. Make your teeth melt with the unholy sweetness of a pure Gum-rot sugar rush. Gum-rot: Mother nature don't know d*&k about sweet!" ~ Vyykers Labs: Products

Gum Rot was an artificial sweetener made by Vykkers Labs to sweeten foods and highly advertised to children. Fuzzles that were fed had their gums turn blue with some signs of decay, while their teeth went yellow and fell out. The Fuzzle Sasha was force fed 7000 teaspoons a day for weeks on end.

Gum Rot, unlike other sweeteners and sugars, did not dispense any crystals or dissoluble cubes. Instead, Gum Rot resembles toothpaste, with the texture to boot. The Gum Rot paste was blue/turquoise and purple. Due to being a paste, it is unknown how one is able to squeeze out Gum Rot in the tablet-like dispenser.

In the archived Test a Fuzzle flash game, it only took a small amount of Gum Rot to cause the test Fuzzle to lose almost all of its teeth. Hence, it can be stated that Gum Rot was a highly concentrated and thickened glucose syrup. As such, only a minute amount of Gum Rot is needed to sweeten a beverage.

Like Humphrey's other "inventive" products, this dosen't really serve many purposes apart from the catering business and isn't an advancement in science.



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