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Grubb Graveyards are where the native Grubb's bury their dead. They consist of large headstones with the sculpted head of a Grubb with it's eyes closed, quite probably signifying death and rest. They are usually built in secluded, quiet and more wilderness orientated places around the Western Mudos. A total of three Grubb graveyards are seen throughout Strangers Wrath. This includes the one seen in the opening cutscene in which Stranger is hunting live ammo. The second and only interactive graveyard in the game is the one which lays at the end of the right hand divide of the Mongo River which Outlaw Lefty Lugnutz uses as his hideout, the headstones in this particular graveyard can also be used as cover for Stranger when battling Lefty and his gang. Finally in the closing cutscene, following the destruction of Sekto Springs Damme, a Clakker town can be seen completely flooded and near it several headstones are seen just peering above water level suggesting the whereabouts of a now underwater Grubb Graveyard.

Also, in the opening cutscene, the very first thing we see is an inscription (written upon the same headstone on which Stranger knocks out a Bolamite ) it reads... "Cry not for us our souls survive, justice awaits the waters rise". This possibly speaks about how Stranger will one day help the Grubb's bring down Sekto and his Dam to release the water.