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The Greeter

Greeters are mechanical monstrosities developed by the Vykkers, resembling a hot water heater on a unicycle, its "face" dominated by a cartoon grin. Originally designed as self-promoting vending machines, the Greeters unfortunately had a habit of electrocuting their customers. Rather than scrap the automatons, however, the Industrial races have simply embraced the Greeters' homicidal tendencies and made them security drones.

Abe's Exoddus[]

In Abe's Exoddus, Greeters are first introduced in FeeCo Depot. They deploy motion scanners that can move independently of their own movement. Their scanners only work if what they scan is moving, but if they detect anything they will increase their speed to get within electrocution range. If they do not find their target, they will resume regular motion. If they do, then swift, lethal electrocution will follow. They can be destroyed either by extended gun fire, grenade or brew-charged fart. Their voices are sped up versions of a slig's voice.

Dialogues: (Hi, Here Boy, Get Him, Laugh)


In Soulstorm, Greeter are first introduced in Phat Station. Their scanners now detect anything, moving or motionless, mudokon or slig. Their scanners stay a certain distance away from their bodies, any they can be blocked by steam or smoke screen. They are invincible to anything that Abe or a Slig can throw at them, and even come equipped with their own personal fire extinguishers. Their voice is similar to that of an over-excited salesman.