Oddworld Abe's Oddysee Good Ending

Oddworld Abe's Oddysee Good Ending

Good Ending is the final cutscene and canon ending of Abe's Oddysee. It is unlocked after completing the Board Room after rescuing at least 45 Mudokons in the game. (150 in New 'n' Tasty!


Mudokons appear in a circle and chant around a structure that is swirling with light.

A concentrated storm forms around RuptureFarms . A flying orb observes the storm and flees.

Inside RuptureFarms, Abe is about to be minced by Molluck via his Slig guard.

Abe: No no no no no no no no--!!

Suddenly the Slig guard is repeatedly struck with lightning.

Molluck: What the hell?!

Then Molluck is also struck by lightning. Abe is shocked as the lightning strikes burn away Molluck's suit, revealing that his legs are useless and he is walking on his arms. Both Molluck and the Slig collapse.

Abe: Ugh, yuck!

Abe faints. Big Face teleports into the chamber and sees the unconscious Molluck and the Slig.

Big Face: Whoh...

Big Face chants and Abe's body curls up and transforms into a flock of birds which fly away.

Scene transitions to Monsaic Lines

A place with a podium with Scrabs on the top pillars and Paramites on the bottom pillars. Birds flock above the podium to an expectant crowd. Big Face and Abe appear to the applause of the 99 Mudokons that Abe saved from RuptureFarms. Abe is unsure sure how to take his welcome, but Big Face raises his arm to the cheers of the crowd. Abe smiles and then farts and winks at the camera.

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