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A GlockStar wearing the usual attire.

GlockStar is the highest rank on the Glukkon social pyramid. They are known as being among the richest Glukkons in Oddworld.

Gaining GlockStar Status[]

From what was witnessed in Munch's Oddysee, a Glukkon must compile a sum of roughly three million Moolah to become a GlockStar. However, it would vary on what social status level the Glukkon is prior to taking on the task of becoming a GlockStar. Lulu was a Pud when he took on the task of becoming a GlockStar. Since Pud is considered the lowest Glukkon rank in Oddworld, it is assumed that Lulu had little to nothing prior to becoming a GlockStar. If a Glukkon is ranked as a Chump or any rank higher, that Glukkon would require less than three million Moolah to become a GlockStar.


From what is known from when GlockStars have appeared in Munch's Oddysee, GlockStars are known to wear sparkling suits covered in sequins that appear to be far more lavish than the silk or polyester suits worn by their Glukkon counterparts. GlockStars also sport large fedoras that are usually complimentary to their suits. On rare occasions, reflective aviator sunglasses are worn to add to their rich persona. However, Lulu was the only known GlockStar to wear glasses.

Notable GlockStars[]