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The Giant Purple Sleg is a mini boss briefly encountered in the game Stranger's Wrath. It is a massive Sleg located outside New Yolk City that is needed to be killed in order to catch Lefty Lugnutz.

The Giant Purple Sleg can be found in the Mongo Wilds, on the northern bank of the Mongo River, inhabiting a cave with a pack of several smaller slegs. It's primary means of attack include the standard bite and a toxic spit as a ranged attack.

The GPS's bite attack is quite powerful, and coupled with the sleg's speed make fighting it up close highly unadvisable. The easiest way to kill the GPS is to engage it with ranged weapons. Boombat and Thudslug ammo is recommended for quick takedown, however Stingbee and Sniper Wasp can also be used, though this will require more time to kill the sleg.

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