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General Dripik is the Glukkon in charge of the Slig Barracks and, after the disappearance of Molluck, one of three high ranking Glukkon executives with the authority to shut down the main security gates to the SoulStorm Brewery.

He is one of the three secondary antagonists (alongside Director Phleg and Vice President Aslik) of Abe's Exoddus.


General Dripik is the stern and harsh leader of the Slig Barracks. Also, he's a generally tough and assertive Glukkon. Evidence of his harsh nature comes from the rules which the Sligs must obey, such as never being without Slig pants. The punishment for breaking these rules (however minor they may seem) is execution.

Under his hardened exterior lies a bit of a doofus, as General Dripik seems to have a knack for forgetting his own name, and frequently has to be reminded of it during public speeches.

Dripik reporting to many local news outlets

Abe's Exoddus[]

Dripik is first seen discussing the recent destruction of Necrum Mines along with Vice President Aslik and Director Phleg in the SoulStorm Brewery boardroom. He is initially suspicious of Aslik but accepts his proposal to lock up the entrance to the Brewery, laughing along with the other two Glukkons.

When Abe enters the Slig Barracks he watches a Magog On the March News broadcast in which Dripik holds a press conference to declare "martial law" for the Slig Barracks, stating that Abe will not make him "look like a fool".

Abe later manages to infiltrate the War Room and possess Dripik, and uses him to give the command to open the gate to SoulStorm Brewery. Dripik is presumably killed after Abe de-possesses him.

Dripik hiding in his office located within slig barracks



  • Dripik is the only Glukkon who smokes a pipe instead of a cigar (though a cigar can be seen in his pipe).
  • Dripik's voice is used for all the Glukkons in-game.
  • Dripik is the only known Glukkon to have one eye with the other eye being made of glass.
  • Dripik's head is used to represent the Glukkons on the GameSpeak screen of Abe's Exoddus.
  • In the promotional poster for Abe's Exoddus, Dripik's body and medals are mirrored.
  • Dripik appeared in Munch's Oddysee in the "Lulu Fund Founded" cutscene. In the picture "Other Glukkons laugh at Lulu Fund", Dripik is smiling in the middle. He looks somewhat the same. However, in a Dear Alf post, it's stated that this is an old picture, exempted of any royalties and chosen for this reason.[1]