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GameSpeak is a command system in which the player's character or a possessed enemy will speak orders. Such as a player's way of controlling Mudokons, Scrabs, Paramites, Sligs, Flying Sligs, Glukkons, and Fuzzles through chants. It is mainly used to have Mudokons follow Abe, pull levers, or if possessed as an enemy, to bark orders to battle another enemy. The orders will differentiate depending on the character used.

List of Commands[]


  • Hello: Greets one Mudokon. Causes the Mudokon to follow you in Munch's Oddysee and Soulstorm (AO, AE, MO, NnT, Ss).
  • Follow Me: Gets the Mudokon to Follow, or move forward a tile (AO, AE, NnT).
  • Wait: Gets all the Mudokons to wait. In Abe's Exoddus, telling this command to a Mudokon already stationary causes them to shrug. In Abe's Oddysee and New 'n' Tasty, it causes them to get angry. (AO, AE, MO, NnT)
  • Wait (Single): Causes a single Mudokon to stop. The Mudokon will usually complain. (Ss)
  • Wait (All): Causes every Mudokon following you to stop. (Ss)
  • Angry: Abe growls in Anger, doesn't really do much. In Abe's Exoddus, being adjacent to a Mudokon or to a Slig causes Abe to slap him. (AO, AE).
  • Whistle 1: One of the whistling tunes Abe uses to get other Mudokons to help (AO, NnT).
  • Laugh: Abe just laughs, doesn't really do anything. In Abe's Oddysee, it causes the Mudokon, the one that you are talking to, to fart. (AO, NnT).
  • Whistle 2: Another one of the whistling tunes that Abe uses (AO, NnT).
  • Fart/Burp: Gets other Mudokons to laugh, used for concluding whistling passwords. In Abe's Exoddus, the fart command is turned into a gameplay function. (AO, MO, NnT).
  • All a Ya: Greets all nearby Mudokons (AE, MO, NnT, Ss)
  • Work: Gets the Mudokons to work, if there's even anything for them to work on. In Abe's Exoddus, this will causes Mudokons to start scrubbing or mining if there is nothing to work at or the job is done. In Soulstorm this command is given by blowing a Work Whistle. (AE, MO, Ss).
  • Sorry: Abe can apologise if he did any harm to any Mudokons, gets angry and sad Mudokons back into their senses so that they can follow Abe’s orders. (AE).
  • Stop it: Abe can stop Mudokons from ending up in a fight, which might end up killing each other. It can also stop a Mudokon from attempting suicide by slapping itself in the head. (AE).
  • Attack: Gets the Mudokons to attack the enemies nearby for Abe. (MO).
  • Aggressive: Alerts all Mudokons who have been spoken to by Abe to attack Sligs on sight with their inventory. Instead of being issued by Abe's voice, a guitar shred can be heard. (Ss).
  • Passive: Causes all Mudokons that have been spoken to by to not attack Sligs. This is signalled via bell toll. (Ss).


  • Hi: Activates Voice Locks (AO, AE, NnT).
  • Here Boy: Attracts Slogs, causing them to follow you and obey your commands (AO, AE, NnT).
  • Freeze: Causes Mudokons to duck under your line of fire (AO, AE, NnT).
  • Get 'im: Causes your Slog to attack other Sligs (AO, AE, NnT).
  • BS: A voice command to unlock Voice Locks (AO, AE, NnT).
  • S'mo BS: Another voice command to unlock Voice Locks (AO, AE, NnT).
  • Look Out: Causes Mudokons to duck under your line of fire (AO, AE, NnT).
  • Laugh: Causes the Slig to laugh. Serves no purpose outside of finishing Voice Locks in Abe's Exoddus (AO, AE, NnT).
  • Insult: A generic insult that aggravates other sligs. (MO)


  • Hey!: Greets one Slig. (AE)
  • Commere: Gets all Sligs you have the attention of to follow you. (AE)
  • Stay Here: Gets your Sligs to remain where they are. (AE)
  • Do It!: Gets Sligs to pull levers or use elevators, unlocks Voice Locks. (AE)
  • Kill 'Em!: Gets Sligs to fire their weapon. (AE)
  • All O' Ya: Greets all Sligs on screen. (AE)
  • Help!: Summons a Slig. (AE)
  • Laugh: You laugh. Any Sligs currently following you will also laugh. (AE)
  • Boast: Causes the Glukkon to boast about his grand achievements. (MO)


  • Shred Power: Causes you to become faster and allows you to spin to attack. (AE)
  • Howl: You screech. This does nothing from a gameplay point. (AE)
  • Generic Screeches: The Scrab makes different screeching sounds. (MO)


  • Howdy: Greets one Paramite. (AE)
  • C'mon: Gets all Paramites you have the attention of to follow you. (AE)
  • Stay: Gets your Paramites to remain where they are. (AE)
  • Do It: Gets a Paramite to activate a switch. (AE)
  • Attack: Causes your Paramites to attack enemies. (AE)
  • All A Ya!: Greets all Paramites on screen. (AE)
  • Generic Squeals: The Paramite makes different squealing sounds. (MO)