Gabbit Moon

The Gabbit Moon (left) next to the Mudokon Moon (right)

The Gabbit Moon is the second moon to circle around Oddworld. The lunar phenomenon first appeared over Mudos numerous centuries ago. Like the Mudokon Moon, this moon features a print of one of the native species of Mudos. The moon features the footprint of a Gabbit, making them seem like the supreme race of the sea.


After appearing over Mudos many centuries ago when the Gabbits were at their prime, the moon was deemed a message sent from the Gods, making the Gabbits another chosen race as well as the Mudokons. The Vykkers and Glukkons were furious about the moon as they did not have their own. When the Vykkers constructed their labs, they positioned them in front of the moon so it could not be seen by the inhabitants of Mudos. The moon was quickly forgotten along with the Gabbits, which were now nearly extinct.


At the end of Munch's Oddysee (good end) when Vykkers Labs is destroyed, the second moon was revealed to the inhabitants of Oddworld again. This is said to mark the regrowth of the Gabbit population.

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