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A can of Gabbiar.

Gabbiar (a portmanteau of Gabbit and caviar) is a product produced and sold by the Fine Foods division of Vykkers Labs. A typical can contains 150 Gabbit eggs and is considered a delicacy on Oddworld. Due to the short-sighteness of the Vykkers, only one can of Grade-A Gabbiar remains and is purchased at auction by Lulu (possessed by Abe at the time) for three million Moolah.

Munch later recovers the last can of Gabbiar to help save his dying species. His success in doing so is unknown, as no true followup to Munch's Oddysee exists as of yet.

In the black ending, the Gabbiar is revealed to have been eaten by the winner of the auction, effectively rendering the Gabbit species extinct.

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