FlubCo. Executive Office is the 22nd Level in Munch's Oddysee. Abe and Munch start out in an area filled with Scrubs, close to the level's Exit Pads. The door is at first shut, but there's a wall which Abe can only get over, on the other side is an Expresso used to cross a long bridge with a trail of Spooce above water surrounded by Big-Bro Sligs that fire at you. Once having crossed, Abe can pull a level to open up a door to let Munch and the Scrubs through. Then the Big-Bro Sligs surrounding the bridge can be taken out, done by either possessing some Armoured Big-Bro Sligs standing around the Multiple Levers that open the door leading to the area with the Glukkon as well as a Bird Portal, or by using Munch with a Zap and Aqua Bounce Vendos. In addition, there's a platform by the bridge with Scrubs that can be reached by using a Bounce Vendo with Abe. The room with the Glukkon as usual can only be reached by Abe, at a small alcove found around the Bird Portal. Once having taken care of the Glukkon, it'll activate the level's Exit Pads, and Lulu will finally have enough Moolah to get into Vykker's Labs.


  • This is the only level to feature Big-Bro Sligs without there being any standard Sligs, as well as the last level to have Big-Bro Sligs.


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