Flint "Explosives" McGee is an outlaw in the video game Stranger's Wrath.


Flint is illegally mining the old mine shafts for artifacts. His hideout is riddled with mortar minions and explosive barrels, true to his name. Many Clakkerz believe that he was raised by Wolvarks and that this is why he is able to steal with ease. They've also heard rumors that he was never breastfed as an infant, leading to his foul temperament. Explosives gets his weapons from a Clakker who runs a Black Market in New Yolk City, and this information is well known amongst the Clakkerz. It's possible that he may be the most feared outlaw in town, due to the fact that after his defeat, more Outlaw leaders quickly take his place instead of doing so while he was illegally mining.

Bounty Edit

Alive: $1100

Dead: $400



Xplosives Mgee Art

Flint "Explosives" McGee smoking a cigar

Xplosives Mgee Wanted Poster

Flint Explosives McGee Wanted Poster

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