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Dead river

The river can be found at 33:09 of the Dead River Walkthrough

Dead River is the 16th level in Munch's Oddysee.

Much like one of the Previous Levels, the sky is green rather than blue, which also applies to the water found in the level. First Abe will have to round up some Native Mudokons that he can only reach by using a Bounce Vendo to use the Chant Circles to open up a door to progress further into the level, where there'll be some Sleeping Sligs on the other side for them to take out. At the same point as the Sligs, there's also a closed well, which can be opened by a lever on the other side of a Land Mine Field where the Dead River lies. Once Abe has pulled the lever, he can toss his allies along with Munch into the well that'll toss them into the Shallow Dead River. Then they'll have to take out some Gun Firing Sligs leading up to a Storm Circle that can restore the Dead River to it's Former Flory (a good idea to take out the Sligs would be either have them take out each other through being Possessed, or having Abe's allies fully upgrade to Mudarchers). Near the Storm Circle, there's a Spooce Lock for 30 Spooce that can activate 2 Purple Orbs to take out any approaching Sligs. Once the Mudokons have finished chanting to restore the weather, Munch can hop into the restored river to reach a lever on the Other Side where Armoured Sligs lie at, to open up a door to let Abe and his allies through, to get to the Exit Pads to take them to the next level, leading over to Splinterz.