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A Crawling Slig is basically a Slig without pants or wings. It crawls on its hands, dragging its tail behind it. Crawling Sligs are generally despised by Glukkons, who have little to no use for them. They are often picked on by other Sligs due to respect in slig society being tied directly to how expensive and useful their equipment is. Due to a lack of equipment, the crawling sligs aren't given any respect at all. Often these sligs are comprised of the young and or poor. These sligs are the lowest ranking slig class and thus taunted by all, including the slave Mudokons.

Due to their anatomy, they are incredibly vulnerable to damage without any equipment. Their weaponry and pants are generally rentals. Most dream of the day they'll get enough moolah to buy equipment to call their own and move up the slig ladder.

Due to a lack of mobility, they tend to be meek. Cowardly, they run to get mechanical pants, wings, and guns if available. They still seem to have masks, meaning that all working Sligs are assigned masks. When an intruder is sighted they often instantly make a beeline to Getcha' Pants or Getcha' Wings vending machine.



Oddworld Abe's Exoddus - Slig Barracks 3 4

Crawling Sligs can be found at 0:44