Cornjaws The Retired Sleg hunter was once the greatest Sleg hunter on the Mongo River. He is the one who teaches Stranger the flawless Sleg call to use against Lefty Lugnutz


Cornjaws was once a celebrated hunter of Slegs; Now the old Clakker now lives in New Yolk City, and tries to forget about his last bad experience with the Giant purple Arsed Sleg. He is usually behind the General Store, begging for scraps of food.

Prized Sleg Huntsman Edit

There was a time where Cornjaws was the best Sleg hunter within the Mongo River area. He was experienced in the arts of a marksman, even with his one eye. For a time, he was friends with an Outlaw by the name of Lefty Lugnutz; it was Lefty's shift to illegal poaching that made the two friends go separate ways. 

Secret Origins Edit

Apparently, Cornjaws was once a Bounty Hunter operating in New Yolk City. He would usually take a bounty and return two weeks later with his target; this was too slow in the eyes of the other Clakkerz. He did have the skills back in his heyday, bagging an unknown Outlaw known as "Dinamite McGee" back in his prime. 

Downfall Edit

While on a hunting expedition in the Mongo River, he had an unexpected bad experience with a purple Arsed Sleg that was massive. After sometime after the incident, Cornjaws lost popularity with the people of New Yolk City and was deemed as a washed up hunter. This led to him becoming a beggar, who resides next to the General Store asking for scraps of food. 

Pair of StrangersEdit

When Stranger comes to him in New Yolk City to learn a sleg call, Cornjaws is willing to help in terms of a side mission for Stranger. After Stranger does the side mission, he will help him and train him to do the Sleg call to do his old friend, now despised rival, Lefty Lugnutz. 

Description Edit

Cornjaws is different than the other Clakkerz residing in New Yolk City. He wears a safari outfit with an explorer's cap. He wears padded shoes and a beige belt with a silver buckle. He sports brown pants and an eyepatch, which is unknown how he got it. He is easily distinguishable from a Clakkerz crowd as he is the gruffest Clakker you will see in the game. 




  • It's believed Cornjaws only bountied a never-before-seen Outlaw named Dinamite McGee. The only thing you can see about him is a bounty at the Bounty Store. Make sure your screen is showing no bounties at all. Then go to the Exit button, but don't click it. After you've done that, you can see his bounty, but there is no picture of him.

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