The Clakker Store Clerk is a Clakker that runs the Bounty Stores within the Clakker Towns within the region of Western Mudos. He assigns Stranger his missions and bounties and gives him information to start to bounties given. 

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The Clakker Store Clerk is the manager of the Bounty Stores within Western Mudos. His job consists of posting bounties throughout the towns and assigning them to bounty hunters from all walks of life. The bounty hunters he has experienced with ranges from the Steef known as Stranger to the washed-up hunter, Cornjaws.

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This Clakker knows all the background information on the Outlaws within the region of Western Mudos, giving their location and tips on how to start the job. He often does this with Stranger throughout the duration of Stranger's Wrath.

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  • "Hey, Stranger, I need you to bag Filthy Hands Floyd. He's been pestering our wagons for months and sayin' he aint even got serious yet. Head through the north gate till you find the wagons...Safetly I hope."~Clakker Store Clerk informing Stranger on Filthy Hands Floyd.
  • "Ooooh, Welcome to the Bounty Store."~ Clakker Store Clerk welcoming Stranger into the Bounty Store.

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