OddWorld Film security orb by nowtun

A render of an obsolete RuptureFarms Security Orb

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The chant suppressor (also known as the security orb) is a security and surveillance mechanism that are used in major industrial complexes such as RuptureFarms, Necrum Mines, as well as any other location controlled by the Industrialists. Chant suppressors are mainly harmless unless they detect chanting Mudokons that are in range of the its sensors. If the device detects any form of chanting, it will zap the Mudokon on the spot with a red bolt of electricity.

The Security Orb as it is depicted in Munch's Oddyssee

Variations Edit


Abe jumps a gap note the Claw type Chant Suppressors near him (from New 'n' Tasty)

Claw: Look like probe droids from Star Wars if you chant their blades will open up and zap you. Found in RuptureFarms

Orbs: Big round orbs that will zap you the moment you chant. Found in Necrum MinesFree-Fire ZoneMonsaic LinesParamoniaScrabania, Mudanchee Vaults, and Mudomo Vaults.     

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