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The Windmill Found Within This Level

A Chaotic Mess Of Scrabs And Scrubs

Brewery To Be is the 13th level in Munch's Oddysee.

The Shaman first informs Abe and Munch that a Glukkon has taken over a windmill found in the area, turning it into a Micro SoulStorm Brewery (or at least trying to), and has turned the local Mudokons into Scrubs. Before the two can progress into the level, they'll need to collect 30 Spooce to open the door. Once having opened it, they'll come across a pack of Scrabs. They'll need to be lured into 2 different pens to get them out of the way, followed by pulling a lever to close them in, to avoid them being a risk to a later task. Then Abe will need to go up to the Windmill and get it running again, but will first need to take out the patrolling Sligs. Upon entering the Windmill, he'll found 3 Scrubs, which'll need to be tossed into a well that'll take them to a room with Chant Circles, used to reactivate the Windmill, in addition to opening doors leading to a room full of other Scrubs, and another leading to the Exit Pads, which'll be inactive until the Glukkon is taken care of. After the Windmill is activated again, the Scrubs will be teleported outside, and Abe will be able to possess the Glukkon. After going back outside again, he can round up all the Scrubs and guide them to the Bird Portal located by the Exit Pads to take him and Munch to the next level.