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The Bounty Store is an establishment designed to assign missions and targets to determined bounty hunters from all walks of life in return for large sums of Moolah.


The Bounty Store is run by Clakkerz and manages the bounties of wanted outlaw bosses or other missions for anyone to take on throughout the course of Stranger's Wrath. These establishments sometimes have a fortune teller machine and assign the player a bounty to continue the game. The Clakker behind the counter will tell you the latest information available about how to do the bounty and also provide feedback after you complete a bounty.  The Bounty Store will give missions to Stranger on which outlaw to catch, once the outlaw boss is successfully captured, the store will give the amount of moolah and his/her goons whether they are dead or alive. They can be found in towns such as Gizzard Gulch, Buzzarton, and New Yolk City.  


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Bounties []

These are the prices from the towns where bounties of Outlaws are available. They are as such follows: 

Gizzard Gulch[]

Outlaw Boss

Bounty (Dead)

Bounty (Alive)
Filthy Hands Floyd $100 $200
Looten Duke   $200 $600
Boilz Booty $300 $600

​​​Buzzarton []

Outlaw Boss Bounty (Dead)  Bounty (Alive)
Rescue Eugene Ius $0 $1000
Jo' Mamma $400 $800
Meagly McGraw $300 $900
Packrat Palooka $300 $800

New Yolk City []

Outlaw Boss Outlaw (Dead) Bounty (Alive)
Flint "Explosives" McGee $400 $1100
Lefty Lugnutz $200 $700
Elboze Freely $500 $1000
Fatty McBoomBoom $500 $1000

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