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These Sligs are the most commonly found rank of Slig next to Poppers, and lack anything other than a wooden bat, much like the Armored Bouncers.

Bouncers are used mainly for crowd control and for security purposes where the resources for the Popper's weapons aren't available. They carry around a simple wooden bat which should be enough to give some Mudokons a nasty bruiser or a broken rib, although some Bouncers were known to go overboard and beat the Mudokons to death.

They can be easily dealt with with either Mudarchers or Tomahawkers.

Possessing a Bouncer allows Abe to take control of a decent close-combat specialists. Whilst not the DPS monster as a Vykker armed with a Hack Saw, they are incredibly common. However, once Poppers start to appear, they become cannon fodder.



  • A Bouncer is a person in charge of security in night clubs and/or bars.